My love for reading and writing happened accidentally. Someone handed me a copy of Lisa Tawn Bergren’s book, Refuge, and I was hooked. Then I found Judith McNaught’s books. I could read her books every day. There are far too many good authors to name.

How I got interested in writing was that a supernatural story popped in my mind and stayed for years. Finally I started writing it and got to chapter four when my husband’s untimely death shook my world. It was as though I wrote his funeral before it happened. He was the inspiration of the character who died in my story: The Librarian, the Firefighters & the Arsonist. Christian Faith did a great job and even sketched him on the back cover (along with a flame shaped like a dragon).

I love a good romance story, but since Paul’s death I could only stomach fantasy with romance, which is what my writing style is now. I have an imagination sky high and found writing to be therapeutic. So I hope you enjoy my stories.

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