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''Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.'' -Albert Einstein

Hagan Bennett takes a cruise to recover from his girlfriend and best friend’s betrayal. His profession takes up a good 75 percent of his day, so finding true love is out of the question. Due to a violent storm, a woman so mystical, storybook beautiful physically falls into him. Her mysterious nature causes him to protect her at all means. She tells him a secret that will endanger her and her people’s lives. He now has to make a decision that will change everything about his life. But, will he wait too long or not have the courage to make the change afterall?

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Upcoming Books

  • Dew of Heaven – Book 2 of Follow Your Heart Series
  • Follow Your Heart series
  • Walk in Your Sunset
  • Embers of Hope Scatter in the Wind, Book 4 of the series
  • Continuation of Marry Christmas called Chocolate, Chimpanzees & a Court Reporter at Chute Pond, a cozy mystery.
  • If the Boot Fits
  • Untied Shoelaces
  • A children’s book called The Stolen Snowflake, which won the 2023 Speak up Radio Firebird Book Award.

Books in the Writing Process:

Hotel Sita Sita Sita (_Arabic translation), a Christian thriller, and _Heart of Stone, clean romance/fantasy and adventure.