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''Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.'' -Albert Einstein

The following books are in a Follow Your heart…4-part series where they will search for love in the stars of heaven or down into the depths of the sea…

Moon Water : Book 1

Hagan Bennett takes a cruise to recover from his girlfriend and best friend’s betrayal. His profession takes up a good 75 percent of his day, so finding true love is out of the question. Due to a violent storm, a woman so mystical, storybook beautiful physically falls into him. Her mysterious nature causes him to protect her at all means. She tells him a secret that will endanger her and her people’s lives. He now has to make a decision that will change everything about his life. But, will he wait too long or not have the courage to make the change after all?

Book 2 of the Follow Your Heart series

Dew Of Heaven

Three words will bring true love or curse love in this Beauty & the Beast-flavored story

My daughter, Jaci, posing as Talia in the story of Dew of Heaven. Hopefully, this will bring the story to life. I hope she sparkles like Talia does in the story.

Upcoming Books

  • Walk in Your Sunset, Book 3
  • Walk in Your Sunset
  • Embers of Hope Scatter in the Wind, Book 4 of the series
  • If the Boot Fits
  • Untied Shoelaces
  • A children’s book called The Stolen Snowflake, which won the 2023 Speak up Radio Firebird Book Award.

A continuation of Marry Christmas

Chocolate, Chimpanzees & a Court Reporter at Chute Pond.

Britanica and the gang are back, plus new characters, Brucie Clark & Riggins Malarkie, along with others.

“It’s a funny thing.” These are words that haunt Brucie Clark. She’s being stalked by a murderer, and is stuck with an arrogant, way too serious Office of Law Enforcement agent who is assigned to protect her life and help solve the case he’d pushed aside.

This is an actual landmark on South Shore Dr., at Chute Pond, where Brucie runs to escape the deranged killer in this fictional story.

Please meet Jenny and her dog Reese. Jenny is based on the Jenny character in the story, along with her dog and car. Best and favorite neighbor I ever had. And, I can see Jenny and I doing the same thing in the story, if it were true.

Books in the Writing Process:

Hotel Sita Sita Sita (_Arabic translation), a Christian thriller, and _Heart of Stone, clean romance/fantasy and adventure.